What They Say – School Faculty

Rabbi Avery Joel, Prinicpal of Fuchs Mizrachi School

Helen Spirn, Head of School, SKA High School for Girls

“I think Legacy 613 gave us a serious push to make sure we’re really on top of our tefillah…It gave us a framework to have these conversations with our own staff members and a cohort of other schools. We were always working on tefillah…but Legacy really gave us the chance to think a little more critically about it and improve our programming as a result.

Rabbi Aaron Horn, Dean of Students, Gemara and Halacha Chair,
Kohelet Yeshiva High School, Merion Station, Pennsylvania

“SKA is thrilled to have worked with Legacy 613 on our tefillah projects. Students look forward to our tefillah programs which have changed the landscape of the tefillah experience in our school. Our students say the programs have changed their perspective on davening and that they find the siddur and tefillah to be more relevant than ever before. The trust that Legacy 613 placed in our school empowered us to work harder at developing new and innovative programs for tefillah education and the opportunity to join together with other educators to brainstorm and share challenges and solutions in tefillah education has been inspiring.”

Elisheva Kaminetsky, Director of Religious
Guidance/Limudei Kodesh
(Judaic Studies), SKA

“My students grew in their learning about davening and appreciation for tefillah. They learned to personalize many of the messages from the siddur and make the tefillah meaningful to them. It’s wonderful that Legacy 613 is trying to create more of a sense of spirituality, and personalizing tefillah in the schools. Davening is one of the biggest struggles that every school faces so this is definitely a step in the right direction in creating lifelong Jews who are connected to prayer. I think it’s a beautiful initiative.”

“Having a community of other teachers who are struggling with the same issues, and being able to discuss those, was certainly something that was fostered by the Legacy 613 webinars. I think tefillah is one of the greatest challenges facing our schools, and I feel that starting that conversation — as Legacy did — is innovative and very valuable.”

Rabbi David Block, Mashgiach Ruchani (Spiritual Advisor),
Shalhevet High School Los Angeles