Our Mission

Legacy 613 aims to turn the tide and make our tefillah connection to God a top priority in our lives! We strive for a Tefillah Renaissance that will spread from schools to shuls, bridging generations to make prayer truly meaningful, powerful, and inspirational for all. If we are to love God with all our heart and soul, with our mind and emotions, we must make every effort to talk about God — and to God — with the openness, love and warmth of our ancestors, who saw the Almighty as the nearest and dearest of friends. Our daily prayers offer us unique opportunities to bond with God.

Getting this message across will take more than the impersonal translations found in some Hebrew/English siddurim (prayer books). When people try to speak to God through the siddur, they need to know that the siddur speaks to and for them. They need an understanding of prayer that makes their tefillot personally meaningful. Beyond the intellectual, they need an experiential approach that’s truly moving and inspirational.

Here are some of the ways we are working to help you enhance your personal connection to God:

  • Speaking to God: A Guide to Personal Tefillah – A prayer companion guide scheduled to be published in the spring of 2021. It will feature innovative English translations and reader-friendly explanations of key terms and concepts. This book will not only be about prayer; it will be about our relationship with God and how we can relate to the Almighty on a deeper level.
  • Teachers’ curriculum guides for schools and synagogues to enhance our understanding and appreciation of prayer.
  • Cutting-edge online resources and multimedia materials to create deeper connections to prayer in the larger Jewish community.
  • Effective kavanah (intention) triggers, meditation, and guided imagery techniques to help us focus on our prayers.
  • Soul-stirring Jewish melodies (niggunim) to energize our tefillah, enabling us to serve God with joy.