Our Mission

Prayer (tefillah) is a personal, vital, and meaningful experience. Yet sadly, many Jews, from millennials to baby boomers and beyond, don’t connect with it. There are Jews who pray regularly, yet don’t fully understand what they’re saying. Others don’t pray and don’t know what they’re missing. Legacy 613’s mission is to turn the tide and make our tefillah connection to God a top priority!

We strive for a Tefillah Renaissance that will spread from schools to shuls, bridging generations to make prayer truly meaningful, powerful, and inspirational for all. If we are to love God with all our heart and soul, with our mind and emotions, we must make every effort to talk about God — and to God — with the openness, love and warmth of our ancestors. Our daily prayers offer us unique opportunities to bond with God.

Legacy 613 is dedicated to “inreach” to observant Jews and outreach to unaffiliated Jews, fostering a Jewish experience so meaningful, joyful, and infused with inspiration that all Jews will want to connect with their heritage.

In order to achieve its mission, Legacy partners with like-minded organizations, foundations, and schools to provide vision, educational expertise, and resources in developing effective tefillah programming and instructional materials.

  • Personalizing our prayer to connect Gd
  • Discovering greater meaning and relevance in our prayers
  • Growing your relationship with Gd through faith and trust
  • Continuing our ongoing relationship with Gd through prayer and seeing relevance in our personal lives
  • Thinktank of Rabbis
  • Discovering our personal mission in this world
  • Publications 
  • Resources related to Tefillah