Spiritual Inspiration

• Workshops, Shabbatons and weekend retreats to transform davening from a ritual to a spiritual experience.
• A selection of popular Jewish songs and Chassidic niggunim (melodies) to use as musical inspiration before or during tefillah to energize prayer and to serve God with joy.


Translations found in most Hebrew/English siddurim are seemingly irrelevant to young people and fail to personally connect them to prayer. To create an experiential approach to prayer that’s truly uplifting and personal, not just intellectual, and to inspire them and the community at large, we plan to make prayer user-friendly with these tools:
• Stirring contemporary English tefillah translations, complete with reader-friendly explanations of key terms and concepts.
• A separate User’s Companion Guide to the She’ma and Shmonei Esreh prayers.<,i>
• Workshop guides to better understand the meaning of major prayers.
• Cutting-edge online resources and media materials to popularize prayer in the larger Jewish community.
Kavanah (intention) triggers, meditation and guided imagery techniques to help focus on prayers.
• Field-tested teachers’ guides and co-curricular/extracurricular teaching materials and projects.

To support these and other Legacy 613 initiatives aimed at inspiring Jews everywhere to discover the tremendous power of prayer and connection to Hashem, please support the Tefillah Renaissance as generously as you can and join in our mission! Every dollar makes a difference!