Grants & Awards

Through a series of grant opportunities, we aim to partner with various institutions and support innovative programming that educators have implemented or are in the process of developing.

The Dr. Nathanial and Shirley Pollack Memorial Foundation Grant 

This grant awards funding to schools and faculty members who demonstrate replicable models of progressive and creative curricula and programming. Awards align with our mission to help  students gain a deeper understanding of the power of their prayers, and to promote and expand tefillah education. Awards are given after a committee review of proposals and nominations,  and award amounts are determined based on the size and scope of the program or curriculum.

Educational Awards for demonstrated creativity and success of implemented tefillah curricula  and school-wide programs which can be duplicated by others schools.

Virtual Classroom Awards for the creation of virtual classroom-to-classroom models which can be  duplicated by other schools. We are very interested in providing financial support to schools that develop a model for shared classroom experiences via online platforms such as Blackboard, Skype, ZOOM, or other video conferencing or virtual classroom software that connects two or  more classrooms together for a virtual learning experience.

Teaching Leadership Award, conferred upon a faculty member or team of faculty members nominated by their school, an outside organization, a group of parents, or a rabbi for their innovation regarding tefillah education and outstanding examples of student success.