Questions Teachers Might Consider

What observations have I made about my students and their davening habits?

  • What strengths and challenges have I noticed?

What methods am I using to teach tefillah content?

  • When do I observe students interested and engaged?

When do I see them trailing off/disengaged?

  • Have I created an open space for sharing and dialogue about personal connections to Hashem?

How can I expand opportunities for this?

  • How do I address disinterested, distractive, or disruptive students during davening?

What are some ways I could help them?

  • How can I activate a connection using the natural skills and talents of my students?

What is my own enthusiasm level when teaching about the content of the siddur and/or leading davening?

  • Have I considered desired academic and/or enrichment outcomes?

Have I devised a syllabus or program objectives outline?