Our Mission

Legacy 613’s mission is to turn the tide and make tefillah and connection to God a top priority in our lives! We are creating a tefillah renaissance in yeshiva day schools across the country that will hopefully spread from schools to shuls, and from students to adults, to make prayer truly meaningful, powerful and as inspirational as it was meant to be.

If we are to love God with all our heart and soul, with our mind and with our emotions, we must make every effort to talk about God and to God with the openness, love and warmth of our ancestors who saw Him as the nearest and dearest of friends.

Our yeshiva day schools need to empower students to take ownership of tefillah and to give them the tools to make their connection to God personal and meaningful. Our schools need to develop tefillah curricula which also will serve as a springboard for discussing many critical issues of emunah (faith), something sorely needed in this generation.

Making this major shift in how tefillah is taught and addressed in American yeshiva day schools requires a major shift in the conversation for Jewish educators. We must think deeply and innovatively about how to reimagine tefillah education. To that end, Legacy 613 launched the Tefillah Initiative with great success in the 2016-2017 academic year.