Our Mission

Prayer, tefillah, is a personal, vital, and meaningful experience. Yet sadly, many Jews, from baby-boomers to millennials and beyond, don’t connect with it. There are Jews who pray regularly, yet don’t fully understand what they’re saying. Others don’t pray and don’t know what they’re missing. Legacy 613’s Tefillah Initiative wants to change that! 

Legacy 613 will show the next generation that tefillah is more than simply reciting blessings or petitioning God. It’s more than praising God for all the wondrous things that He does. Tefillah, at its core, is about our relationship with God — our personal lifelong connection with the only One Who can make things happen. It is the recognition that all we are and hope to be comes from the Almighty! Our daily prayers offer us unique opportunities to bond with Him.

Getting this message across to the next generation will take more than the impersonal translations found in some Hebrew/English siddurim. When people try to speak to God through the siddur, they need to know that the siddur speaks to and for them. They need an understanding of prayer that makes their prayers personally meaningful. Beyond the intellectual, they need an experiential approach that’s truly moving and inspirational.