Legacy 613 is working to turn the tide and make our tefillah connection to God a top priority in our lives! We strive for a Tefillah Renaissance that will spread from schools to shuls, bridging generations to make prayer truly meaningful, powerful, and inspirational for all.

If we are to love God with all our heart and soul, with our mind and emotions, we must make every effort to talk about God — and to God — with the openness, love and warmth of our ancestors, who saw Him as the nearest and dearest of friends.


Legacy 613 is dedicated to inreach as well as outreach – fostering spiritual prayer experiences for all Jews.  In order to achieve its mission, Legacy partners with like-minded leaders, organizations, foundations, and schools to provide best practices, educational materials, and resources for effective tefillah programming.

Here are some of the ways we are working to help you enhance your personal connection to God:

  • A Companion Guide to Personal Prayer – The Shema and Shemoneh Esreh featuring innovative English translations and reader-friendly explanations of key terms and concepts.  This book is not only about prayer.  The guide is about our relationship with God and how we can relate to Him on a deeper level.
  • Teachers’ curriculum guides for schools and synagogues to enhance our understanding and appreciation of prayer.
  • Effective kavanah (intention) triggers and techniques to help us focus on our prayers.
  • Soul-stirring Jewish melodies (niggunim) to energize our tefillah, enabling us to serve God with joy.
  • Cutting-edge online resources and media materials to enhance tefillah education.
  • Future grants and national surveys.