About Legacy 613

Legacy 613 is the first organization to make tefillah a top priority in yeshiva education. Our mission is to make tefillah meaningful −intellectually and experientially − in the life of every Jew, young or old.

Through Legacy 613 educational initiatives, publications, and funding, the next generation will learn that tefillah is more than simply reciting blessings or petitioning God. It’s more than praising God for all the good things He does. Jews will internalize the understanding that tefillah is about our relationship with God — our personal lifelong connection with the only One who can make things happen; to come to the recognition that all we are − and hope to be − comes from Him.

Today, where challenges to our faith are ever present, tefillah education and the discussions that will emerge from that education about God and faith are more critical than ever.

Unlike Jewish outreach organizations, Legacy 613 is dedicated to “inreach” – fostering a Jewish experience so meaningful, joyful, and infused with inspiration that observant Jews will never want to abandon their heritage. In order to achieve its mission, Legacy partners with like-minded organizations, foundations and schools to provide vision, educational expertise and resources in developing effective tefillah programming and instructional materials.