“The time has come to make tefillah education a high priority in every yeshiva from early childhood through high school, and beyond. The time has come for a Tefillah Renaissance when the rich personal meanings of our prayers inspire us to new spiritual awareness.”

An Unprecedented Tefillah Crisis!

Only 32% percent of Modern Orthodox Jews under age 45 find prayer to be meaningful. Only 18% of men ages 18 to 34 attend shul on a weekday morning, according to the first-ever survey of Modern Orthodox Jews from Nishma Research. Never before has a Tefillah Renaissance like the one undertaken by Legacy 613 been so critical!
“I believe that the time has finally come for tefillah to be a field of education in its own right. Jewish education became extraordinarily professional during the past decades when it came to teaching texts; we are finally coming around to realizing that we need to spend more time teaching souls as well.”
What’s Working– What our schools discovered worked best in Tefillah education

Who We Are

Legacy 613 is the first organization to make tefillah a top priority in yeshiva education.

Our mission is to make tefillah meaningful − intellectually and experientially − in the life of every Jew, young or old.

The Tefillah Initiative

Legacy 613 launched the Tefillah Initiative in 2016-2017, partnering with NCSY and six innovative yeshiva high schools across the USA. The pioneer program was extremely successful, taking tefillah education and inspiration to a whole new level and changing the way students relate to their davening on a personal level.

Rabbi Eliot Feldman is Currently the lead educator at LTB Creative Solutions, Inc., a consulting firm which provides educational services to schools and non-profit corporations. In addition to school curricula, he has published articles in professional journals including Jewish Educational Leadership, (Lookstein) HaYidion, (RAVSAK) and HaMechanech (Torah Umesorah).
“Forever the learner: ‘מכל מלמדי השכלתי מחברי למדתי ומתלמידי יותר מכולם

What They Say

What School Faculty and Students are saying about Legacy 613